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Buletin Cyber Security dan Internet of Things

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Journal of Cyber Security and The Internet of Things (JCSIoT)

Journal of Cyber Security and The Internet of Things (JCSIoT) Aim and scope: JCSIoT publishes original research papers in the following areas of Cyber security and Internet of Things. Submitting authors should specify clearly in their covering statement the area into which their paper falls: - Access Control and Database Security; - Ad-Hoc Network Aspects; - Authentication; Biometrics; - Block Ciphers and Hash Functions; - Broadcast Encryption and Traitor Tracing; - Critical Infrastructures; - Digital Signature Schemes; - Digital Steganography; - Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Number Theory; - Financial Cryptography; - Firewall Security; - Formal Methods and Security Verification; - Information Warfare and Survivability; - Intrusion Detection; - Java and XML Security; - Malware; - Multi-Party Computation and Threshold Cryptography; - Peer-to-peer Security; - Public-Key and Hybrid Encryption; - Quantum Cryptography; - Robust Networks; - Secure Electronic Commerce; - Watermarking and Fingerprinting. - Embedded Systems Aspects; - Embedded Systems Security and Forensics; - IoT system architecture: things-centric, data-centric and service-oriented IoT architecture - IoT enabling technologies: sensor technologies, big sensor data management, and future Internet design for IoT - IoT services, applications, and test-beds; IoT service middleware, IoT application programming interface (API), IoT application design, and IoT trials/experiments - Future Internet design for various IoT use cases; smart cities, smart environments, smart homes and smart grid

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